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Hi! I'm Laurie and I'm an expert at helping mom's in business take back their brain and overcome their anxiety and depression.

Long story short, I'm a wife/mom/business owner/housekeeper/nurse/animal care/and all around jack of all trades.... I know how you feel!

I have struggled with an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, had a cancer diagnosis, pain, sleepless nights, a failed marriage, a fantastic marriage, working out my faith, health challenges with kiddos and parents, random animal, financial stress, job stress, and loving life in all the mess! Trust me, I've been there!

I have a deep passion to see you thrive in the midst of your own crazy life and embrace what is right in front of you, without having so dang hard to see it.

I don't use gimmicks, crazy diets, or tricks up my sleeve.

I am a certified Neuronutrient therapist and Functional Nutritional therapist. I have a thriving private practice full of wives & mothers, just like you, who have been able to radically change their lives and take back their brains.

I am here to guide you and get your anxiety & depression handled once and for all.

If this sounds like you and your life, and you are looking for a practitioner and mentor to walk along side you as you take back your brain & nourish your body so you can be all you were create to be, then I would love you chat with you & see if we would be a good fit working together.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Many blessings,



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