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Become the Calm Mom you have always wanted to be!

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Life's too short to not feel like yourself

Have you ever felt like you couldn't see through the clouds & didn't have the energy to part them?

Have you ever tried to make headway on how you feel by seeking therapy or medication, trying yoga or practicing gratitude but found it just didn't work for you?

You're not lazy. You're not crazy. Your brain simply needs to be rebooted & nourished.

Imagine feeling...

Energized, alert & upbeat

Wake up feeling refreshed, no longer slave to caffeine to keep you going throughout the day

Relaxed & carefree

Able to take the day in stride, without feeling overwhelmed by stress or life's inconveniences 

Comfortable in your own skin

You can breathe and let the stress of the day roll off your back and know that you are "OK" and "You got this!!" You won't let stress steal your inner JOY.

End the struggle & Take back your brain

I've struggled with depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, sleepless nights & strained and ruined relationships. I know what it's like to feel like every moment of every day is a fight. 

Through a series of personalized therapies, I have been able to radically change my own life, as well as the hundreds of clients at my thriving private practice.

I want to help you get back to the life you were created for.

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Getting started is simple

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The Breakthrough Call is an opportunity for you & I to get to know one another, clarify your problems and goals, and uncover what isn't working and why.

Fill out the paperwork

Fill out the Mini Brain assessment emailed to you so you and Laurie can cover the areas of deficiency in your brain that are hindering your healing and living your best life now.

Take Back Your Brain

During the Breakthrough Call, I will outline a plan of action of simple, life-changing steps to help you Take Back Your Brain.

Which Neuro-type are you?

Take this 2 minute quiz to find out which neurotransmitter could be affecting your health & how to take back your brain!


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