About Laurie Hammer

There’s nothing easy about being a mom and a business owner at the same time.
The constant scheduling, responsibilities, lack of sleep… it’s truly exhausting and it can feel like living a thriving life is simply impossible.
I understand this struggle because I’ve been there myself.

Before becoming a mom, I struggled with an eating disorder, anxiety, and depression. It was a dark and isolating time for me.
My finances, relationships with family, health, and energy levels all suffered immensely.
I felt completely trapped and unable to be the person that I knew I was capable of being.
But even worse, my eating disorder pushed my life to the brink. I realized I needed to find a way out or I wouldn’t make it...
Then I discovered an Amino Acid Therapy protocol that got my life back on track.

Overcoming my eating disorder ignited a passion for health and wellness in me.
But in the years that followed, I was a stay-at-home mom, and the stress and responsibility of being a mom made it feel impossible to do anything else.
Despite having a degree in psychology and a newfound passion for health, it didn’t feel possible to pursue my calling.
Once again, my health suffered because I wasn’t being true to myself.
Then I decided to commit myself to change.
When my youngest child was 6, I went back to school to study nutritional therapy and have been running my professional practice ever since.

Now, I’m committed to helping moms lift the clouds of anxiety, depression, and overwhelm, so you can FEEL again, pursue your passion, and actually enjoy your life.
Ultimately, I want to give YOU the tools you need to live a healthy, vibrant, and thriving life.
As a certified nutritional therapist, I developed the Calm Mom Method to help you feel more energized and aligned with your life purpose.
This method is very similar to the one I used in my own healing.
My clients’ results have included:
✅ Managing anxiety
✅ Improved relationships
✅ Better sleep and energy levels
✅ Better concentration & focus
✅ More balance in life
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